Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver)

Finding a bike rack for larger families is not the easiest thing to do since most seem to be built for up to 4 bikes. Fortunately, the Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack was designed specifically with this problem in mind. The 28 inch arms are made to hold up to five adult bikes comfortably and without having to worry that they might damage each other or the back of your car, truck, or SUV. This bike rack is designed to slip right into a standard 2 inch receiver hitch and be pinned in place securely.

The Allen Sports Company and the Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Sports got its start back in 1967 when NASA engineer Dick Allen fell victim to the cutbacks in the space program. He needed a way to take his family’s bikes with them on vacation trips. Working out of his garage, the first Allen Sports bike rack was born. With just a few years demand for these easy to use, heavy duty bike racks soared and this led to the formation of this company.

Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike
Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver)
Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver)$153.68

The Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack was born of the need to be able to carry more than two or four bikes because many families have more than two kids. Made from heavy duty steel that has a thick black powder coating, this bike rack will stand up to the elements for many years without rusting. It features 28 inch arms with mounts for up to five adult sized bikes. These arms are designed to conveniently fold out of the way so that you can access the trunk or liftgate of your vehicle.

Key Features of the Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

  • Designed to fit a standard 2-inch receiver hitch
  • Can hold up to five adult sized bikes
  • Has 28 inch long arms with individual bike securing straps
  • Folding arms let you access the trunk or liftgate easily
  • Takes less than five minutes to set up
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Out of the Box

Installing Allen 5 bike RackOne of the first things you will notice when you pull the Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack out of the box is the overall quality of this bike rack. The powder coating is not only very glossy, but appears to be thick enough to stand the test of time. There are only three bolts needed to assemble this bike rack, but the pivot bolt needs to be left slightly lose to allow for proper locking pin alignment when raising the arms into place.

The patented bike tie downs will keep your bikes firmly locked in place, no matter how far you are driving to your next destination. It takes less than five minutes to set the rack up and install it on your vehicle thanks to the precise fit of the hitch tube. This rack can hold up to 175 pounds of bikes comfortably and keep both them and the back of your vehicle from being damaged.

Those who have purchased the Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack from Amazon like that the mounting couplings are designed to swivel since this lets you hang smaller kids bikes easily. They also like that it is very easy to assemble and install. Some have said that it does not support the weight of five bikes. This is a very good bike rack and is highly recommended for use with up to five bikes.

We do have a summary of different types of bike racks here if you are still need more otherwise you can find more on amazon below.

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  1. i personally peferr a trunk bike rack because for a civic it is;1 Low and you are limited to where you go with a roof top bike rack. and the roofs in small vehicles nowadays are alot lighter and they have not got very much support and there weight holding capacity is usually under 100lbs and when going over bumps the load may dent your new roof which would be terrible.I cant remeber how many times i have seen people hit thing on top of thier cars becaise they forget that it is up there.2 the civic usually does not come with a hitch and those cost alot of money to have installed and they mess up the look of a compact car.Personally i would get a bike rack that just gets attached using the suppled cords/ropes, or what ever they use, they can usually carry 3 bikes and they can be used on both hatchbacks and trunks. THey usually run around 80 to 150 dollars each.they are the best to me because they cost less comparatively and they do not limit where you can go.

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